How can I tell if I have been mis-sold my mortgage?
  1. Initially take our FREE on-line test. We will be then be able to establish any high risk areas associated with your mortgage in preparation for the next stage.
  2. Your mortgage may be a buy-to-let, right to buy, fixed rate, second mortgage, sub-prime or adverse credit mortgage, or you may have been a first time buyer. We are willing to help and assist to establish whether you have a valid complaint. Misrepresentation and professional negligence is recognised by the FCA as a widespread problem.
  3. If you have a mortgage you feel you have been mis-sold, regardless of the contract being with a prime, subprime/specialist lender, or arranged via a mortgage broker, we are happy to consider your complaint.
  4. There are many circumstances that may constitute professional negligence or mis-selling of a mortgage.
  5. To find out if you have been mis-sold your mortgage take our free to use, on-line test.

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