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How it Works

If you have taken a FREE test on our test page within this web site you will have established any high risk areas that may have been breached or mis-sold. The main areas we look to investigate are as follows:-

  • Your mortgage was an interest only mortgage.
  • Your mortgage runs past your retirement age.
  • You acquired your mortgage through a sub prime mortgage lender.
  • You made a self certification mortgage application.
  • You had adverse credit when you acquired your mortgage.
  • You re-mortgage for debt consolidation purposes.
  • Your affordability was not considered when you made your application.
  • You are now in negative equity.
  • You were advised to switch to another lender.
  • You were a council house tenant when you made your mortgage application.
  • You have had your property repossessed.

The mortgage advice process is one that has been regulated since November 2004 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Pre November 2004 the Mortgage Code Compliance Board (MCCB) acted on a voluntary basis to assist and ensure clients were protected (1996 – 2004).

In order to establish if you have been mis-sold a mortgage we would ask you to complete a mortgage questionnaire, available in our download section. This will involve answers to several questions that will help to establish whether you may have a potential claim against your mortgage broker, mortgage lender, the surveyor or, in some cases, the solicitor who acted for you.

Our professional consultants are available for a no-obligation telephone interview.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has a list of guidelines and Principles using MCOB and ICOB rules issuing codes of conduct and principles to professional advisors that must be adhered to.

There were a number of years when credit was freely available and the competition for business was high, and it is only since the UK entered into a period of recession that consumers are becoming aware and realising they may have been mis-sold their mortgage or given bad advice by the mortgage broker/lender.

Are you one of them?

To find out, simply take the short test and wait for the results. This is FREE and private.

This initial test will give an indication of the possibility of a claim. Should this be the case then you can contact us or simply complete a questionnaire from our download section and post it FREE to us to appraise your possible claim. This is a guaranteed private and confidential service we provide.

Once we have all your details, a full review of your case will be completed by one of our auditors. We will then provide you with a report of issues and breaches which were applicable and we will also give you follow-up advice as to the best route forward with your mortgage mis-selling claim.

This may include, but only if instructed by you, one or all of the following routes –

  • internally challenge your lender or financial advisor for compensation
  • instruct solicitors on your behalf for redress or a compensation award
  • approach the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to request assistance to settle and negotiate mis-selling claims or approach the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) if your advisor or lender has ceased trading.

Please note – it is also possible for you to act independently and take all of your documentation to your own solicitor or another legal representative to review your case. Please be aware that this is a very specialised and technical area of law and you should ensure that they are fully conversant with the FCA’s rules and how mortgage legislation currently operates.

To start the process simply take the Quick Test or proceed to a full audit by instructing us by fax, post, email or telephone.

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