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If I may introduce myself as Eddie Marshall and I am the managing director and chairman of the group of companies. My experience in this marketplace spans over 25 year, both as an IFA and an accredited expert.

We have had completions and settlements in every aspect of financial mis-selling with all the tools and software to assist. Our team members are very experienced and highly qualified in the full mortgage marketplace.

I personally act as a practicing accredited financial expert witness specialising in the investigation of professional negligence and am always willing to consider new relationships giving initial opinions and chances of success.

Our database has over two million entries of historic and up-to-date information concerning historic lending and interest rates for the whole of market, prime and subprime.

Based on our success we are able to supply web based software, workflows, training and all associated facilities from start to finish to help you within your business. Our operators, staff, agents and all involved in the group are friendly, honest, professional and only too willing to assist you and your business ventures and act as team players.

Web based business software and attachments

We are able to offer a full workflow system with web based features: our packages will include three separate levels of assistance, white labelled and tailored to suit your requirements.

Platinum. Gold. Silver.

Introduction, brief explanation offering our facilities, packages, guidance through the process.

(Our packages are subject to contract and mutual agreement)

  1. Back office and case tracking – updated when used. (Optional)
  2. Traffic light systems take a test – first filter.
  3. Private and independent branded to your company, white labelled fully functional traffic light system decision in principle – RED (Stop) Amber (Opinion required) Green (Accepted in-principle) operated daily by live underwriters. This system is flexible and has facilities for password protected multi-users.
  4. Web based software and on line – secondary filter for security. Click Here
  5. For security and protection we have a manual third filter when submitted for audit.
  6. Full auditing available, subject to instruction.
  7. We will determine quantum i.e. High quantum, Low quantum, Litigation, FOS, FSCS, Decline.
  8. On-going support and back up agreements available.
  9. Same day on line decisions.
  10. Expert witness facilities (Practicing accredited with the academy of experts)
  11. Personal client witness statement, if required (Optional)

Exhibits and case history examples back to the year 2000. The areas that can be covered are:-

  1. Whole of market lender.
  2. Prime lenders.
  3. Subprime lenders.
  4. Loan to value.
  5. Criteria.
  6. Interest rates in history.
  7. High and low variable rates.
  8. High and low fixed rates.
  9. Average LIBOR rate.
  10. Average monthly bank base rate.
  11. Full lender details.

Valuation reports (optional).

Barrister and professional negligence solicitor introduction.

ATE introduction.

Our audit program is based on a three stage filtering process.

  1. Web based take a test.
  2. Web based filter white labelled portal.
  3. Manual filtering internally.

Contracts considered for white labelling and bespoke auditing software.

Work flow, web based white labelled software, backup and training facilities:

Work flow will be supplied in word documents: (Standard work flow)

Pre-audit: Training and workflows.

Post audit: Training and workflows.

Training can include the following on request.

  1. Preparation FOS.
  2. Preparation FSCS.
  3. Draft appeal letters FSCS – FOS.

Preparation for litigation.

  1. Training.
  2. MCOB regulation.
  3. MOJ regulation.
  4. Lender details and address.
  5. White labelled Powerpoint slide show.
  6. Mortgage auditing templates.

Credit card – PPI – unfair charges, work flows and automated pack out.

Guidance Notes

Full list of mortgage related domain names leasing available.

Sample and example domain names.

  • missold–
  • missold–
  • missold–

Training model: (Service and license agreement on-going support and training)

Bespoke training follow this link:

Consultancy, Compliance internal auditing optional:

Complaints procedure, handling and process.

Checking viability and quantum of client complaints.

Appraisal of client statements and completed questionnaire.

Final response letters from brokers, network, lender recommendation (MCOB regulation).

Final response assistance, FOS, FSCS.

Useful regulators web sites: Fully listed.

Accredited by the Academy of Experts in London (MAE) CeMap 1, 2, 3 whole of market qualified.

Legal and company references available on request.

Financial expert witness CPR 35 independence:

Fully qualified and experienced auditors and investigators (Certified mortgage specialists).


Full expert witness report – supplying evidence, facts and exhibits

Historic comparable lenders and rates from 2004 to date.

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